Comics and Illustrations

Up Next, a short graphic story made in January 2010 with ink on Bristol and colored with Photoshop CS3.  

In the Garden, a short graphic story inspired by Genesis, made in the fall of 2009 with ink on Bristol and colored with Photoshop CS3.  

Climbing, a short graphic story, made in the spring of 2008 with ink on Bristol, colored pencils, and Prismacolor markers.  
Dedicated to my dog.  Look closer after your initial glance.  I was going for visual poetry, not horrific scarring.  Portrait of my grandfather, Knox Burger. Life drawing.
Europa, Greek princess, decided one day that she had a thing for bulls. Illuminated letter for a book. Life drawing, though the model wasnt blue and green. The fruit of emotional states.
In 1972, the first elephant landed on the moon... Self portrait, obviously. The soothsayers in Dantes Inferno; this was a project for class. Part of Virgils Aeneid, also done for a class.

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